Friday, January 20, 2012

An Insider’s Look at the Winter Real Estate Season in Flagstaff

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Anyone who knows the first thing about real estate will tell you that selling during the coldest months of the year is just plain not smart.  But you’ll be surprised to find out that in Flagstaff, Arizona that is hardly the case.  In fact, when you take a look at our numbers, you will find that our absorption rate is almost as high as other seasons.  It is definitely not a typical real estate trend in most markets but one that works well in our area.

Far Fewer Homes on the Market During Winter

In many markets, sellers put their home on the backburner but they do leave the listing active.  As a result, buyers that are shopping for homes during the cooler months of the year have a reasonable selection of homes to choose from.  In Flagstaff, however, most homeowners don’t work that way.  We tend to have a lot of sellers choosing to remove their home from the market in time for winter and then relist once the spring market gets up and running.

Wintertime Demand Remains Strong

Contrary to popular belief, wintertime demand is far greater than people realize – especially in Flagstaff – to the point where when you examine the numbers you will see that our absorption rate is almost the same as during our “peak” months.  In 2011 between January 1st and March 31st we reported 43 new homes listed during that first quarter.  Also during the same period, 178 homes were sold.  Keeping in line with traditional Flagstaff sellers’ trends, as the supply went down but demand remained steady – all of the homes that were newly listed got sold.

Looking at this winter so far, from the first of January to today, there are already 43 homes under contract with 19 homes already sold.  Consider that by mid-January, despite being our coldest, snowiest season of the year, we continue to do well in terms of home sales.

So there you have it – Flagstaff’s hidden secret.  The winter is actually one of the best times to sell!

Selling Your Home This Winter?  Here Are a Few Tips…

Make sure to keep your home warm and inviting.
Since the sun goes down sooner keep plenty of lights on to allow buyers to see all that your home has to offer.
Be sure to keep all walkways clear of any snow and ice plus maintain the exterior areas throughout.  Also make sure all outside areas are well lit.
Pay attention to how your home smells but without overdoing it.  Light a seasonal candle or bake a cake before you show the home.
At the end of the day, you want to make buyers feel at home and if they take the trouble to come see the home in the midst of the cold snow and ice – they must be serious!  If you would like to learn of any new home buying opportunities in Flagstaff this winter or if you want to explore listing your home for sale – I invite you to get in touch so we can determine what works best for your needs!

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